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The workshop of the García-Piña couple was born in 2003, in essence Ayon is a word of origin

Mapuche meaning, birth of light. It is the name assigned to one of their children and for the

workshop is a siala that means. Our Art and Goldsmithing. At their points of sale, you can find

her work in necklaces, earrings, rings, chains, bracelets and pendants. In addition, they allow people

they can bring their own designs and they carry it out. To know their products, you can enter the

website or on Facebook AYON Orfebrería.

Thanks to their artistic talent, for three consecutive years since 2011, they have participated in various exhibitions.

Firstly, to the Original Art Fair, held in Santiago, and then to the Fair

Mediterranean of Séte, South of France. "We have been invited to various national and

international. At the same time, the Illustrious Municipality of Coquimbo gave us a recognition

for the contribution to culture"

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